Today, Steven Adair from Shadowserver imformed us about a new piece of malware that looks like a new version of the infamous Storm Worm. Storm was one of the first serious peer-to-peer botnets, it was sending out spam for more than two years until its decline in late 2008. Mark Schloesser, Tillmann Werner, Georg Wicherski, and I did some work on how to take down Storm back then, so the rumors about a new version caught our interest. Mark, Tillmann, and me started to take the sample apart, and it looks very much like Storm indeed. It even uses the same configuration file, stored under C:\WINDOWS\herjek.config (the same filename as used by the last Storm version), but as the command-and-control channel has been replaced with an HTTP based version, there is no peer list included anymmore.

A Breeze of Storm | The Honeynet Project.

Good job guys!

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