Here i am, unfortunately i can’t update this blog so far as i previously said because the time at my disposition is not so many.

Otherwise, i’m finishing the work, and i want to share some of pics that i’ve just creating about the analysist activities.

The pics showed an example of the extraction data gathered from the analysis of a botnet (here in after labeled as “Siwa” ).
The data used for the charts are based on 3466 unique IP sniffed on the botnet channel during a 4 hour range-times. It’s not a relevant amount of informations i know, but is just an example about how Dorothy will show dinamically the results its acquired during its task.

Furthermore, The Dorothy Project is making relationship with the Honeypot Project, planning a developement to the Italian Chapert of such project. So stey tuned.


p.s. For the world chart, consider the white as start color,and the color gradient from blue, through violet, to red.