The Italian Honeynet Project is a research group formed by professionals and scholars having whose main interests and activity lay in the information security field.

The Chapter has been officially constituted in May 2009 following the agreement with the main Honeynet Project’s Board. It is the result of the final development of The Dorothy Project, a [http://www.honeynet.it/wp-content/uploads/Dorothy/The_Dorothy_Project.pdf research work] started by Marco Riccardi in September 2008 and presented to the University of Milan as his Laurea Thesis in February 2009. Prof. Marco Cremonini acted as his tutor for the thesis project.

The original Dorothy Project research focused on botnets and on tracking/discovering methodologies for their analysis. .

Botnets are a fast-developing technology that require an equally fast development of defense strategies. The ultimate goal of our project is to provide a free and open environment where botnets can be analyzed and where professionals and researchers may acquire fresh information about the most up-to-date threats that botnets may pose.

By aiming to offer to the community an open platform with all information about the botnets that we are studying, we hope to improve the security of Internet at no cost for the public, fully and enthusiastically sharing the same goal of The Honeynet Project.

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