The first version of ZeuS-in-the-Mobile (ZitMo), malware which targets mTANs, was discovered in the end of September 2010. In that case it was targeting Symbian smartphones. Later on, ZitMo versions for Windows Mobile and Blackberry were found. It comes as no surprise that cybercriminals have created new and sophisticated pieces of mobile malware for Symbian and Windows Mobile; more surprising is that Blackberry devices were also targeted; and even more surprising is that until July 2011 there was no evidence of ZitMo for Android’s existence. And now please ‘welcome’ ZeuS-in-the-Mobile for Android. [..]

[..]  now we have ZitMo targeting 4 platforms: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Android

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Security researchers have identified a Zbot component designed for Android which steals mobile transaction authentication numbers send by banks via SMS.ZeuS, aka Zbot, is one of the most popular banking trojans. Even though the original author of the malware has retired, the source code is available online for anyone to modify and fit it to their needs.Zbot originally targeted desktop systems and stole financial information and online banking credentials which fraudsters exploited.

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The fact that TDL-4 code shows active development — a rootkit for 64-bit systems, the malware running prior to operating system start launches, the use of exploits from Stuxnet’s arsenal, P2P technology, its own ‘antivirus’ and a lot more — place TDSS firmly in the ranks of the most technologically sophisticated, and most complex to analyze, malware.

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