Cyber criminals' love affair with cloud computing just got steamier with the discovery that Google's AppEngine was tapped to act as the master control channel that feeds commands to large networks of infected computers.

The custom application was used to relay download commands to PCs that had already been infected and made part of a botnet, said Jose Nazario, the manager of security research at Arbor Networks. Google shut down the rogue app shortly after being notified of it.

via Bot herders hide master control channel in Google cloud • The Register.

Really interesting article about new botmaster techniques regarding botnet management, explained by Jose Nazario. The are some linked articles  about using Facebook and Twitter for the same purpose.


Interesting news regarding Zbot Trojan’s creators. 


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The short paper presented by me and marco cremonini for the EC2ND conference, is now available in the repository section. You will find the presentation slides too.