Finjan Researchers Uncover Marketplace for Botnets Interesting report from Finjan available here.

“No matter if you are an individual sitting at home or a CFO of a publicly-traded company, a
governmental body or a news agency – your compromised PC could be part of a botnet and traded
online without your knowledge!”


Hi to everybody!
We are pleads to inform you that our first relase is going to be relased in the end of this week!
For the first relase only authenticated user will be allowed to login into the web-platform because we have to ensure the rightness of our information disclosure towards the Italian Privacy Laws.
All the members of the Honeynet Project chapters will receives the authentication credential by email, if you are interested but you aren’t an Honeynet Member please mail me.

Stay tuned!



The -IRC- Underground Economy

Nobody Sells Gold for the Price of Silver: Dishonesty, Uncertainty and the Underground Economy – Microsoft Research
Interesting report from Microsoft about the underground economy discovered through the irc -dark- channels.