Hi guys,

I’m apologized for the long-time of inactivity but i have been engaged with the planification about the future of this project.
The Dorothy Project is being evolving to the official Italian Honeynet Chapter, we are waiting for the correct subscription process accomplishment .
Meanwhile, we have formed the official membership of the project.
Currently this project count 5 official members, as soon as possible we will make available our profile for letting you all to meet us better .
We are defining the work to do in the next weeks, and planning the date for the official release of the web platform .

Here will be published every news about the project/chapter progress, and every interesting thing about the project research area (IT Security, Botnet, Malware Analysis, etc) so stay tunes, and post your opinions/comments!

See you soon


  1. Hi Marco,

    I’d like you know I’m here.

    For any issue, if I’m could help you, please let me know.