Welcome to the dorothy project:inside the Storm.
What’s this?
The dorothy prj is a research work about the botnets.
I focus on the study started by The Honeynet Project about how to track a botnet activities trought honeypots.

What is doroty ?
Dotorhy is the device used for track the tornado movement in the movie Twister.
The base idea of this project is the same: relase more sensor in the net as possible waiting for a botnet(storm) that will catch them. At this point it will be possible (i hope) to track its structure.

What’s is the sensor used?
A sensor is a honeypot.
I will use many kind of honepot,primarily hight interaction honeypot. In this manner i offer to the storm what it would expects.
For a large deploy and maintence i choosed a virtual environment.
Obviously the honeypot system is a vulnerable system : Old OS (like w2k server,or XP sp1) offering unpatched services (sql,rpc ecc..) for example.

This is the base FAQ of the project,officially i will start my research on September but i’ll update the blog every time i’ll do a little step.

Stay tuned.

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