I would like to inform you about our recent progresses.

We are working hard for releasing the  new version  of our framework for botnet tracking(Dorothive).

Below you can find some new features:

+ Postgres database

+ the analysis coore is being developed in pure ruby language (OO oriented, easy addition of new detection rules ex. zeus,spyeyes,etc)

+ New visualization techniques : Realtime Charts (hightcharts, or opencharts), and AJAX google APIs for maps. That’s the way.

+ Drone completely coded from the scratch in Java: multi-platform, PKI based, TOR/proxy connection, IRC/HTTP compatibility.We are close to launch our first beta.  Let me know who is interested in participating as beta-tester.

+ The analysis engine will be able to detect financial botnet as presented at the APWG conference , here at Barcelona Digital we are going to begin the test phase to acquire some interesting results.

+ and lot more.. 🙂

More status updates will be released more often, I promise.

stay tuned!

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