In a quickswapping scheme, a cyber-crook will use sites such as eBay or Amazon to offer an expensive item at a cheap price, explained Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure. After a deal is reached, the scammer will make an enticing offer – they will agree to ship the item to the buyer and only accept payment after the person has checked it out.Next, the scammer will use credit card information he or she previously pilfered with malware such as Zeus to purchase the item and send it to the buyer. After the buyer sends the agreed payment via Western Union or WebMoney, the scammer disappears, leaving the person whose card was stolen with an illegal charge and the quickswapping buyer at risk of having the item confiscated by police as stolen merchandise.

via How Cyber-Crooks Turn Stolen Data into Money on eBay – Security from eWeek.

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